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Welcome to the Grey Wardens Holo-Centre

The Grey Wardens is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild, set on a EU PVE server "Hydian Way", in services of the Sith Empire.

300 years has past since the fall of Revan's Sith Empire after the defeat of Malek on the Star Forge...The True Sith Empire has returned and reclaimed Korriban and taken many other planets that were once under Republic oppression, we have forced the Republic Scum back and forced them to sign a one-sided 'treaty' with us as we held Coruscant in our grip!

10 years has past since the Treaty of Coruscant and the Emperor need's people like you to join the Grey Wardens, an elite unit forged to destroy the Jedi and bring the Republic onto its knees!

At last the time has come, at last we'll do what Darth Revan failed to do, at last the Jedi shall know fear!

The Force shall free me.
Grey Warden Holo-Com
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Grey Wardens is currently recruiting the following:
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Bounty Hunter (100)
Imperial Agent (100)
Sith Inquisitor (100)
Sith Warrior (100)
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